Monday, July 17, 2017

The Most Happy Fella poster & other designs for YMTC

I created this illustration and poster design for YMTC Berkeley for their production of The Most Happy Fella. Above is the final version, and the basis for all the other graphics promoting the show. 

This show was particularly tricky for me, because I was rather turned off by the story of the show. I had trouble celebrating the main character and central romance. We went through way more drafts and looks than we usually do. So there are a few versions below that I love visually but didn't do enough to convey the story and feel of the show. I especially like the one directly below. The love letters give a hint of the story, but perhaps not enough of one. 

The whole thing was drawn digitally with my tablet and using shapes in Illustrator, to be printed as both 11"x17" posters and smaller postcards.

The above design was an iteration of another pretty but not-story-ful draft, below:

Here's one where I tried to bring in the people and the romance, but still note quite the right vibe:

Here I'm getting close. Can you tell I love decorative borders? 

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