Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Awakening poster & other designs for YMTC

I created this illustration and poster design for YMTC Berkeley for their production of Spring Awakening. Above is the version that was ultimately printed. Directly below is my favorite version, a somewhat self-indulgent take on secessionist art and poster design from the early 1900s (around the time the show is set). I just love the combo of rigid modern layout with the detailed floral patterns and decorated typefaces. Ultimately we went with a more "grunge" look to highlight the rock n' roll feel of the show. 

The whole thing was drawn digitally with my tablet and using shapes in Illustrator, to be printed as both 11"x17" posters and smaller postcards.

Below is a sketch of another direction we didn't go in - as you can see the text needed a lot of work (needs more refined curves, consistent line width, etc.) and it doesn't give enough information about what the show is about. 

Here's a less "grunge" version of the final.

Above is the illustration of the sad figure, below the illustration of the two lovers almost kissing. The one below is drawn from a photograph of the dress rehearsal of the show with the actors who really played these parts.

The postcard version of the graphic - always a challenge to have a design that can work both vertically and horizontally!

Another intermediate design between the full-on secessionist one above and the grunge filled final.

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