Monday, September 19, 2016

Invitations for my sister's wedding

Earlier this summer, my sister was married! It was a beautiful small ceremony at a friend's house in Brooklyn. And I got to design the invitations, which was a blast!

I drew my sister and her husband as dogs wearing wreaths that match the flower art. Her husband is tall and thin and makes very serious faces, so I knew he would be some kind of tall sighthound, like a greyhound or a saluki. I ended up drawing him as a borzoi. My sister is a sheltie mostly because of personality, but also because they are both petite and have beautiful brown hair. 

Here's what the postcard invites themselves looked like: 

The gorgeous photos above are by Cait McCarthy, who photographed the event. Check out her portfolio and her rad Instagram

Below are the RSVPs and Save the Dates plus some details of the watercolors and hand-lettered text on the invites. We used Moo for printing with beautiful results. 

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