Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sloth Wallpaper - May 2014 (or anytime!) Lazy Summer Desktop Background - FREE DOWNLOAD

It may not quite be summer, but it's heating up here in Oakland. In Oakland terms, anyway - last week we saw sunny days and over 80 degrees. I sure wish I could take a lazy afternoon nap in a tree like these super adorable three-toed sloths. 

Here is some belated sloth wallpaper / desktop background. Since it's tiled it should work on any size monitor or even a mobile device. 

The whole thing was drawn and put together in Photoshop. This was my first continuous pattern, I'm so excited! (Rather than simply tiled.) 

Click the image above to make it bigger and then save it or right-click and set it as your desktop background. Drop me a comment or email if it doesn't work, or you need a larger size!

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