Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rococo Beauty with Birds in the Beast's Palace - Beauty and the Beast Illustration

This piece is a full spread from my project of illustrating Beauty and the Beast set in Rococo France. I'm basing mine on some versions where she spends a lot of time alone in the Beast's palace and discovers mysterious and magical rooms and objects. Here she finds a giant room filled with exotic, talking birds. I also like the idea that they are all friends with her and flock to her; in some versions, all wild animals in the forest fled the grounds and areas around the Beast's palace, but find their way back when Beauty arrives because of her awesomeness / magnetism.

This piece was drawn and assembled completely digitally, though the larger areas of color are from watercolor washes I painted and then scanned. It's meant to be printed as a 24"x9" folio, so that each half is 12"x9".

Below are some details.

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