Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Beauty in the Beast's Magical Rococo Library - Beauty and the Beast Illustration

Another full spread from my project of illustrating Beauty and the Beast set in Rococo France. 

The iconic library scene in Disney's version is so gorgeous and such a big part of so many people's childhoods - including mine - that I can't really hope to compete. Everyone wants a library like that, right? With the windowseats and the staircases and balconies and swoon. So I went in a different direction that still keeps with the era and look. 

The Beast doesn't usually get much character development or even interaction with Beauty in the older versions, so he doesn't give her the library as a present. Instead she spends a lot of time wandering lonely around the empty palace, discovering weird and magical stuff. The library contains every book she's ever wanted to read, plus sometimes every book ever written and every book yet to be written. 

This piece was drawn and assembled completely digitally, though the larger areas of color are from watercolor washes I painted and then scanned. It's meant to be printed as a 24"x9" folio, so that each half is 12"x9".

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