Monday, April 28, 2014

Website Update to

You may have noticed a few minor changes on this blog, like the new logo. I'm working on updating my portfolio website and branding. I've been changing out the images featured on my website semi-regularly, but now I've begun a major overhaul. I hope to cut down the number of images even further. So far I've rearranged the categorization a little, updated the logo and colors, and finally installed Pinterest "pin it" buttons on the website and blog.

There are more changes coming too, I can't wait to share them!

I also deleted a few posts on this blog that I couldn't stand any more. I try to do this as little as possible but there were a handful that I just don't want associated with my work any more. The main issue with this is that my LinkWithin widget still links to these old posts, so you might get lead to some dead links a little more often. Hopefully this will fade away awhile after my spring cleaning!

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