Thursday, April 10, 2014

Book Necklace

I made this miniature book library necklace for my sister last fall, but didn't quite finish until about a month ago. These photos were taken as I made final repairs before heading out of her apartment in Brooklyn to fly back to California! My sister loves books and is studying to become a librarian, so I made her some librarian bling. 

They are hand-sewn and even have little headbands in them. The pages open and they're covered in found leather and everything. I don't normally work with leather because I'm a long-time vegetarian and animal-lover, but the Depot for Creative Reuse had some beautiful leather scraps, and I'm a lot more lenient when it comes to upcycling / reusing / used materials. The photos are of my wearing them, and should give you an idea of the dimensions. 

This piece isinspired by The Black Spot Books on Etsy. I have no plans to sell a product like these as they are, because they're so close to her work. 

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Unknown said...

Es precioso Naomi!! que collar tan bonito.. tu hermana tiene que estar contentísima con el!!

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