Tuesday, August 6, 2013

LGTBQ Immigration Stories / Historias de Inmigración LGBT Illustration and Flyer Design

I've been trying to post to this blog regularly again, but things keep getting in way - usually fun things that keep me busy, like the fact that I have an awesome new job as the Design and Communications Coordinator at Our Family Coalition, a nonprofit in San Francisco. One of my favorite parts is getting to do illustrations for the org's collateral, like these flyers I designed for an LGBTQ oral history project. (English is above, Spanish version follows.) 

Monarch butterflies are a symbol of the beauty of migration. Part of the art direction for this project was to check out the awesome art / political project, Migration is Beautiful

Some of the text from the English flyer: 
We will use personal stories to move public opinion in support of LGBTQ immigrants. Our primary goal is to disseminate powerful LGBTQ immigration testimonies through digital and traditional media in order to inspire change. Don't let our immigrant families' stories continue to be ignored by the mainstream media! Make your voice heard today. 
Share your story via application by August 15th. 
Be interviewed by one of our team members, who will work around your schedule. Interviews can be anonymous.
Apply today by sending us an email to policy@ourfamily.org with your name and the best way to reach you by August 1st. For details and questions, please contact marina@ourfamily.org. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our stories with the broader community!

The illustrations were made with pen and ink and watercolor. The silhouettes I outlined by hand in ink, then filled in the computer. The wings are watercolor with ink and gouache over them, and the backgrounds are watercolor and gouache. Details of the individual piece are below. 

I would have liked to make a more complex image of the winged family, but we were working on a very tight deadline. In the end, I like how all of the somewhat simple images work together in the composition. And I will have more opportunities to explore this and other imagery in future work for my new job! 

This is also my first big project with both English and Spanish text. It was an interesting challenge to see how the different lengths of text changed the layout, and how having accent marks limited typeface choices. 

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