Monday, June 17, 2013

Spidery spread sketches for Louise

As I mentioned in my spider-free post, I had made a full dummy of my book with sketches for each spread. I started out doing my sketches at the same size I would paint them, like the underwater spread and parasailing spread. But as the deadline approached, I decided that since I wouldn't be coloring these, I would do them at a much smaller size. So they have significantly less detail, have not been cleaned up as much, and the lines appear much thicker compared to the other ones. 

If I were to complete the entire book, I would go for a much more consistent look. I like how these sketches with their heavier lines turned out, but for this project I like the look of working in a larger size and shrinking down. 

These were done in pencil and pen on 15"x6.5" paper. 

I made another post with the spreads spreads that do not have any spiders, for those who don't like seeing those critters but like to see my work. Here are the remaining, spider-filled spreads. 

From top to bottom, these spreads depict: Louise visiting Louise Bourgeois' Maman in Canada (my character is named after Bourgeois, however, Louise is also my middle name, so her sister has my sister's middle name for her own, Joy); Louise visiting a trapdoor spider in her arts-and-crafts-style underground house; a vegetarian spider (the Bagheera kiplingi) and bat-eating spider that Louise encounters; Louise biking out to find Joy; Louise meeting some horses, dogs, cats, and argiopes in stable; and the first spread, when Louise meets the mailman (recently renamed Liam) who gives her Joy's invitation to come visit. 


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