Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lake Tawakoni Giant Communal Spider Web

This spread shows the giant communal spider web that was built at Lake Tawakoni State Park in Texas in 2007. The spiders there included jumping spiders, funnel web weavers, wolf spiders, pirate spiders, and long-jawed orb weavers. The web ended up being over 200 yards long, contained thousands of spiders, and was rebuilt by the spiders several times after being destroyed by storms. Most spiders are solitary critters, so it is very unusual for them to live together in such close quarters. More info here, here, and here.

This piece was done in watercolor with gouache accents (the webbing, mostly) and some pen over it. The original is 30"x11".

1 comment :

Unknown said...

When you did the watercolor, did you paint the entire underpainting first, then go over with white gouache on top for the webs and the pen at the end for accent markings? I’m going to be doing my own watercolor/gouache web painting soon :)

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