Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2013 Summer Plants, Flowers, and Dragonflies Desktop Background - FREE DOWNLOAD

Happy slightly belated June! Here is this month's desktop background. Click the image above to make it bigger and then save it or right-click and set it as your desktop background. Drop me a comment or email if it doesn't work, or you need a larger size!

The weekend made me a little late getting this together this month (how dare the 1st of the month be on a Saturday!), so in exchange you have two backgrounds! 

Usually for such large images, I would work larger than the final size. But lately I have been experimenting with working much smaller and then scanning huge. In my children's illustration class I saw some gorgeous sketches that revealed really amazing details when enlarged. I like how the watercolors bring out the mixes of pigment when enlarged so much. These originals are only about 8"x5". 

(Sorry for posting twice in one day, I try to spread out my posts more evenly but I realized that the desktop backgrounds needed to be posted as early as possible!) 

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