Monday, January 7, 2013

Book Earrings made with Miniature Hand-Sewn Books

I made these miniature book earrings for my sister last winter and didn't have a chance to photograph them before I gave them to her. I finally got a chance when she was in town for the holidays.

They are hand-sewn and even have little headbands in them. The pages open and they're covered in bookcloth and everything. The hardware is all sterling silver. The photos of her wearing them give an idea of the dimensions.

These earrings are inspired by The Black Spot Books on Etsy. There are none in her shop at time of writing, so here is a link to a pair of her sold book earrings. I have no plans to sell a product like these as they are, because they're so close to her work. However making them was a really fun project and a great gift for my sister, who is very hard to shop for! Maybe from here I will experiment with other types of book jewelry and other miniature books. One big(ish) difference between my work and hers is that she uses leather, whereas my books are vegan- and vegetarian-friendly! (Though of course her leatherwork is beautiful and very impressive.)

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