Friday, January 25, 2013

Adventure Time - Tree Trunks and Apple Pie

More fan art for my beloved show Adventure Time, an absurdist cartoon. This is a portrait of Tree Trunks, who is some sort of green elephant creature with a bow on her tail (see below). She loves baking, especially apple pie. I based my portrait of her on photographs of baby elephants, though I changed the proportions and coloring to be more Tree-Trunks-ish. Baby elephants really do smile like that though! (For those who haven't seen the show, Tree Trunks doesn't always have such a distressed expression on her face as she does below - she is often very happy. Especially when she makes successful apple pie!) 

This piece is almost entirely watercolor, though Tree Trunks has some gouache and acrylic accents. The elephant, the pie, and the background were drawn separately and put together in Photoshop. 

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