Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kitchen Prints Etsy Shop Update

I've updated my Etsy shop again! In addition to Let's Eat Rabbit Food, I have been thinking that some of the illustrations and components I've done for They Draw and Cook would look excellent as kitchen decor! Here are the images of my recent additions. As you know, most of the recipes I illustrate are vegan, as I'm vegan myself. But for the site's recent Kraft cheese contest I made a few non-vegan recipes. However, I made sure that they were all vegan-ize-able - in fact, after illustrating the grilled cheese sandwich, I started craving a vegan version and have been making them almost every week since then! Though there are not as many vegans as omnivores, I think that vegan food is great because of course both vegans and omnivores can enjoy it, but even more so because depicting fresh fruit and vegetables looks appetizing and pleasing to everyone!

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