Thursday, October 18, 2012


I've been getting the hiccups constantly lately and not much seems to help. This hand-lettering piece, reading "I miss your hiccup cures," is for a certain someone who always seems to cure my hiccups.

(That said, here is a great hiccup cure my sister taught me. The problem is no one around ever seems to do it! When the hiccuper starts hiccuping, you look them in the eye and say very seriously, "I will give you a dollar if you hiccup again right now." It helps if you really have a dollar - the hiccuper should really believe you. I defy anyone to then hiccup on command. Okay so one time I did keep hiccuping, but that was particularly bad case. Give it a try.)

Also, I've started to update my Etsy shop like I promised! This will be a greeting card you can be too. I am spacing my updates over a few days, so stay posted!

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