Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adventure Time - Snow Golem and Fire Wolf Pup

I am a huge fan of the absurdist cartoon Adventure Time, a fantastic (and fantastical) show about an adventuring boy and his magical dog and their life in a magical, post-apocalyptic world. One of my favorite episodes is "Thank You," an episode in which the main characters Finn and Jake actually barely appear, and there is very little dialogue. It's a story about a snow golem and a fire wolf pup. The two species are usually enemies, but become best friends over the course of the 12-minute episode. It's freaking adorable.

This is a watercolor and gouache piece I made showing the snow golem with his sleeping wire wolf puppy. The original is about 11"x18". Below are some screenshots from the episode to give non-viewers some context for the piece. I do really recommend checking it out though!

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