Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adam and Eve

I made this piece as an Illustration for the Hypocrite Reader. Here is my favorite bit:

God comes to Adam and Eve in the Garden and says, “Well, my children, I have made you in my image but there are still two gifts I haven't distributed among you. Adam, I made you first so you get to choose first—that’s only fair. So here are the options: I can make you able to pee standing up, or—” Adam leaps up and says “Yeah! Pee standing up! Awesome!” God says: "Very well, Adam—you can now pee standing up! Eve, I’m sorry, but all I have left to give you is—multiple orgasms.”
The original piece is 14"x18", mostly watercolor, with some gouache and a teensy bit of acrylic.

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