Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dancing Animals

My latest idea for that Andrew Bird poster contest. This one isn't inspired by a particular song, so much as the feeling of Andrew Bird's latest album (and obviously, my love of anthropomorphic animals in general). Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is much easier to find photos online of cats that look like they're dancing than squirrels!

Composited of some ink drawings and watercolor washes. Below is the ink work for the animals, and some studies I did of the frog and the squirrel while working on this piece.

I'm not totally sure about the way the "finished" piece above is. I'm very happy with the composition, but not sure about the colors yet. I am sure I want a limited palette, but I'm not sure how high the contrast should be. I like the all black of the original, but when I tried that in the poster format with the text it looked very stark and a little boring. We'll see!

Comments on the legibility of the text (or lack-thereof) welcome.

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