Monday, July 2, 2012

Pop-up Books: The Magic Tree House

Note: like many of my posts for the last year or so, this post was written a while ago and scheduled for today. If everything goes according to plan, this post has appeared around the same time I've arrived in Paris! So look forward to some sketches from my vacation there when I get back. I've scheduled the blog to keep up regular posting while I'm out of town and I'll respond to comments and emails when I can.

This fun pop-up structure I made is from another fantastic workshop I took at the San Francisco Center for the Book, Pop-up Books: The Magic Tree House. We used a really interesting technique that used no folds, just joints and carpenter-like connections between the pieces of paper. This allows the structure to collapse into a much smaller, flatter form than usual pop-ups. I am so excited to take more pop-up workshops at the SFCB and make more pop-ups in general!

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