Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Neighborhood Pencil Drawings

Okay, so, I said in a recent post I would be posting more here, and then I didn't. And it wasn't even because I wasn't making art! It's because I was so busy, with working, volunteering, and other blogging that I haven't had time to post. (To clarify a previous post: I am not working full time at the Center for the Book, I am just volunteering and blogging for them, in addition to my full-time office job. I also took my first workshop there, and am about to start a class at the California College of Art Extension. Busy busy!) These drawings (more plants and things from around my neighborhood) are actually from several weeks ago. 

I'll be staggering my posts of recent work over the next couple weeks, so that you don't get a flood of posts all at once. And then hopefully I'll have the photos and posts of the work I'm making now ready to go and consistent posting will return once again!

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