Monday, June 20, 2011

business cards, letterpress workshop

I've been having a great time volunteering at the Center for the Book (especially blogging!). I few weeks ago I took the Introduction to Letterpress: Business Cards evening class and made these fun, simple business cards. I've since taken Letterpress 1: Handmade Notebooks (post forthcoming! Don't forget, I'm still catching up on things I made when I wasn't posting). I was excited that I got my name to look similar to how it does on my website.

After I took them home, I spiced them up a bit with some watercolor washes, inspired by Oh Happy Day's cards for someone named Aubrey, which I learned about through this inspiring post on Bird and Birch. Before I start handing them out, I'm going to add a bit of clarity by going over some places where the ink didn't quite fill in the letter -- I didn't know enough about the process to see that some of the type pieces I picked wouldn't print well.


Joe J. Cox said...

Very nice collection of business card.

David said...

Very nice blog and very cool collection..

Engagement Party Invitations said...

Your business cards are very formal and that fit you as a businessman. I just love the simplicity of the cards.

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