Thursday, April 14, 2011

little red riding hood

Here's one of the large drawings I promised you. I was so excited when I sketched this idea for Little Red Riding Hood's cape reaching around and becoming the Big Bad Wolf. Below you can see some of the sketches where I worked it out, and tried a few different ways of depicting the idea. I knew I wanted lots of solid shapes. The sketches helped me get to pen and ink, and to realize that I needed to work larger for this idea.

I was originally very happy with the finished piece, above, which is about 24"x18" (the sketches below are about 15"x11"). But I soon realized that this was because I had pretty much copied someone else's illustration style! I had recently been enjoying the beautiful illustrations of Myths and Legends of Russia by Himmapaan on DeviantArt. So this piece ended up being a good exercise, but I think I was trying too hard to imitate his style. The original idea with the cape is still one that I'm interested in visually, so I may try another piece with this image that's more of my own style.


sandy said...

I really have enjoyed looking a your art. i first saw you a draw and cook

Naomi Bardoff said...

Thanks Sandy!

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