Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Inspired by the PixelPads (which I learned about via swissmiss), I made this paper "ipad" for my sister for her birthday. It's a big, ipad-sized pad of paper with a black border and rounded edges. (The edges should really be silver, but I liked the black look better.)

I wanted to get actual ipad packaging for this. I went to a couple Apple stores a few times, to see if they had any leftover packaging hanging around. At first they told me that they just didn't have any on hand, and I would do better to check back when they were near closing, because a couple people a day would buy ipads and then leave the packaging at the store for whatever reason. When I did come back near closing, I was told they couldn't give away their "marketing materials."

A lot of people encouraged me to make my own ipad packaging. I think this would have defeated the purpose. My sister knows I can't afford to buy her a real ipad (I also suspect it wouldn't be her top choice of an expensive gift? we like paper books quite a lot, and she got a new laptop somewhat recently) but the real packaging still would have been a fun bluff! Whereas my handmade packaging would have been somewhat the same as writing "there is a paper ipad inside of this wrapping paper." Defeats the purpose.

Anyway, I meant to post these pictures months ago! But here they are.


superbadfriend said...

Might be a little late for this, but I think i still have my iPad packaging if you want it, email me, I can look for it!

Naomi Bardoff said...

It is a bit too late, unfortunately -- I've already given it to my sister! Thanks for the offer though :)

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