Wednesday, February 2, 2011

animals with antlers

I'm still having some trouble with ideas and motivation lately. When I can figure out a project to work on, and make the time to work on it, I can eventually get something I like out of it, even if it's not what I originally planned, and even if it takes lots of sketches and re-dos. But without ideas and motivation, I'm stuck.

So I went through my tumblr, where I post images and artwork that I enjoy or find inspiring. And I mapped out some of my favorite elements in other people's artwork. A couple of things I came up with were animals and antlers. (The antlers tag, of course, has a lot of animals with antlers, not just free-floating antlers.) I don't know, I think antlers are a bit of a cliche right now, but it got me drawing. So here are some of my animals with antlers!


Unknown said...

Sugarpie, they'd love these down here in Texas!

Lee said...

Wow! Very nice. Does this animal eat ants? -how to draw animals-

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