Saturday, June 12, 2010

handmade books

I've finally photographed some of my favorite hand-bound books I've made over the years.

This is the most technically advanced book I've made, from when I was working on just technical bookmaking at the Colombia Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago. It's a round-back spine, the only one I've ever attempted, and the headbands are hand-sewn. The different colors of the patterned paper is not a trick of the light, it's two different papers. This is also the first time I made a fitted box for a book. 

The binding of my book of spells. Because of how I was working on this project, I wanted to do each pair of pages at a time, so each signature is only one folio. Since it's also on drawing paper, which has a horrible grain for bookbinding, sewing it was a huge challenge. All of the pages are glued together as well as sewn so that there are no blank pages. 

And here's a stack of all my books together: 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful books:)

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