Friday, June 4, 2010

food, design, illustration, fun, fashion, etc. blog: a billion tastes and tunes

I have a new blog, a Billion Tastes and Tunes. It's about food, design, illustration, fun, fashion, goals, everything that isn't the art I post on this blog. I've been less active on naomese since my opening; I'm hoping that soon I'll be producing art again. I needed a break after my senior project, and now I'm ready to be making art again. 

I also have a flickr, naomese. I've actually had this flickr account longer than I've been actively using this blog; the idea was originally that I would update both at the same time. Now that I'm using flickr again, I do plan on doing that, for now I'm just slowly adding pictures a few at a time, and with new ones for a Billion Tastes and Tunes. I lost the password to my account, and though the people at yahoo were confused for a while, thinking my account had been deactivated, eventually my password was recovered and now I love the people at yahoo for recovering my password and letting me keep the same flickr name. Hooray! 

If you want even more of me, I update my tumblr, curiosities & clockwork, about a dozen times a day. I post images of art and photos that I like or find inspiring. I've also just made a new header and tweaked the design slightly so it's more my own. Let me know if you have a tumblr so I can follow you back! 

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