Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My show announcement postcards arrived yesterday! I spent the afternoon addressing them and mailed them out today. If you live on Bard campus, your postcard is already in your mailbox!

Sadly, the picture I used for the postcard has been damaged since I photographed it for the card. It will be presentable for the show, but I'm disappointed that I won't be able to present nearly the same image that I photographed for the postcard. I mean, I guess it's interesting that it's different, but it's not really what my show is about.

I'm really happy with the title "kitchenette." (Mandy came up with it.) I also really love the juxtaposition between that and the dead bird.

There's not much left to do. Here's my list: buy supplies for hanging chandelier and hang it; correct hanging of windows; make and hang curtains, paint molding and ledge; paint stencils on wall; make more drawings; hang drawings; cover floor in dirt, twigs, and leaves; touch up paint; nail down anything that is only taped to the wall. Totally doable in 2 weeks! Though of course the "make drawings" part is open-ended. but mostly I feel like I can relax and just concentrate on getting things done day-to-day.

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Anonymous said...

Bean will not like the flies. Also, I did not get a postcard.


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