Saturday, February 13, 2010

so, what's your senior project on?

If you're a senior at Bard College, you'll be asked what your senior project is on. Depending on who asks, sometimes I say "It's an art project," "I'm doing mostly watercolor and ink drawings," "I've been drawing a lot of dead animals lately," "It's sort of related to witchcraft," or "It has to do with femininity and animals and feminine power or something." Lately I've been saying, "That's a good question!"

You tell me:

At any rate, 8 weeks from today, at the UBS Bard College Exhibition Center (a former warehouse belonging to UBS), from starting at 3 PM, my completed senior project will be on display!

(That's April 10th at the UBS Exhibition Center in Red Hook. The reception is from 3-6 PM.)

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Venus and Mars said...

Funny how that happens as the end draws near. I like the foxes. We have a regular that stops in the back yard a few times a week. They are really healthy around here. Of course I am never camera ready when she shows. One of these days.

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