Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JARS: or, so this is what I spend my money on

This weekend I went to Kingston and got some lumber to build a stretcher for the tablecloth I'm making, and a table to put it on. (More on that in a couple of days!) I also went by Michael's and bought a bunch of awesome apothecary jars. I'm sure there will be lots more to come as I continue to work on my project.
Above are some of the clementine peels I've been collecting, and a braid I made out of painted dental floss. 

And these are the paintbrushes I've been making out of my hair. This group of pieces is probably the favorite non-drawing aspect of my project right now. There are lots more coming, but it's a slow process. (And yes, I will be painting with them.) 

And a final huge picture... the clutter of my working area, my teabag collection, my watercolor butterfly collection, my paint chip collection, and, below, my lunch. Which I had to bring in jars, because all of our tupperware has mysteriously disappeared or become covered in mold. (My lunch that day: green rice with cilantro, parsley, spinach, green onions, spinach, and red lentils, with garlic bread, all leftover from the dinner I made the other night.) 


Corina said...

Lovely! I love your jars.

Venus and Mars said...

A trip to Michael's is ALWAYS productive...Love the watercolor butterfly and the hair brushes.

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