Thursday, January 14, 2010

unusual folk

This is one of the first non-blank books I made. Lately I've been focusing on finding images or narratives that demand to be in book form, rather than, say, a series displayed in a row on a wall; when I made this book I was focusing instead on finding a relationship between the form of the images and the form of the book. I eventually decided to make a very tall book, of tall critters. One of my reasons for choosing ink is that I hoped, and continue to hope, to make a pretty cheap laser-printer edition of this book to give and/or sell.

So this is my bestiary of unusual folk. I'm not showing these in the order that they were in the book, but you can still see some of the structure and planning that went into it. For example, the wider pages were centerfolds that ended up in the center of a signature. (The wide butterfly was the endpages.) Prepare to scroll a lot!







(I know there are a few typos, that I plan to correct if I do another printing. The letter missing on the dictionary mite is missing, I've determined, because a dictionary mite ate it! The letter "i" is one of the most delicious letters of all.)

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Emma said...

Naomi! I just went through all your archives. I know I've told you before, and I'll probably tell you again, but: I really, really love your work. I'll definitely be reading your blog now. Thanks!

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