Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in progress

I'm back at school and in my studio. I haven't posted any new work yet because most of my art supplies are in the mail between my parents' house and school. Later this week I'll have pictures of some work from last semester that I haven't posted/photographed yet and are related to my project. 

Pictured is this wonderful jar kit I found at a local (and overpriced) junk shop. I haven't decided yet what to make out of them — they're so fantastic by themselves! 

While I'm waiting for most of my stuff to arrive, I'm working on pencil drawings (pencils are all I brought with me on the plane) and on setting up my website. It's getting close, and right now the main thing I have to work on for it is getting good photos and scans of everything — perfect busywork for while my watercolors and brushes come in the mail. 

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Venus and Mars said...

I love your work. Very Cool !

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