Wednesday, January 13, 2010

fabric painting

This is what I made yesterday:

One of my many plans related to my project involves fabric painting. I've started practicing and testing my materials on 15"x60" cotton scarves. The testing comes in because the technique I'm using is really intended for silk, but I don't like to buy silk because its production kills silk worms, and for my purposes, cotton works great.

When I first learned this technique, I still used silk. This is my first silk scarf:

My pattern for the pumpkin-y scarf was largely drawing from jobs handprinted textiles:

I haven't made anything today, and now it looks like I won't have time, and may not get to making more things until next week. It's frustrating to not be able to get work on my project, or even at least my art, every day, since hypothetically it's break and so I don't have much else to do. But there's so much else to do! And taking pictures of these scarves was a technical challenge for me. Plus I've been reading a lot of things related to my project, and doing other important and practical things, like doing my job (like, my job-job) and learning how to drive.

More pictures of both my scarves after the jump.

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