Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fat Birds Repeating Pattern

I had a lot of fun making up silly fat birds in this color scheme for this pattern.

The birds were painted in gouache and composited into a repeating pattern in Photoshop. A few details of the birdies below.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby - 3 Versions of 1 Flyer

The organization I work for, Our Family Coalition, recently had a workshop on keeping the spark alive after having kids (or while in the intense process of family building, or anything else!).

I was excited about using this flyer to try something a little different, but also keeping it family-appropriate. These flyers have to hang in family resource centers, rec centers, preschools, cafes, and so on. I knew it would be a tricky balance and I was wary of spending too much of my time on it, so each of these drafts was created pretty quickly.

The above is my favorite version of the flyer I made. It was drawn on the Wacom Bamboo tablet at my office. I think the people under the covers look more like they're cuddling than anything else, but I also wasn't too surprised when it was vetoed.

Especially after you see the version below, which was approved - much more conceptual!

I was worried that this one wasn't queer enough, but those are clearly both male birds (always the more colorful of the bird genders) so at least it's a gay bird couple. It was at this point though that some colleagues even thought of about taming down the title of the workshop, but it stuck. 

After seeing my first two versions, we moved to my default - make it an animal! I draw birds quickly and have a lot of fun with them, plus I wanted exciting colors, so birds it was. 

My first draft, below, I put together in just a few minutes, after giving it some thought on my off time. I had no idea at this point whether it would be approved. I was going for an ambiguous image, and I've found that different people definitely interpret it differently! The downside was that it seemed like each person could only see one interpretation of it, rather than being able to switch like I'd hoped. 

For example, I think it could be someone putting their hand on someone's knees! But. No one else saw it that way. For most of my colleagues, it was a question of, "Well, I thought it was a butt, and I don't think it really looks like a crotch but I can see why you think so," vs. "Well, I thought it was a crotch, and I don't think it really looks like a butt but I can see why you think so." 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

San Francisco Pride 2015

Check out the postcards I designed and illustrated for my organization's San Francisco Pride and Family Garden! It's a family-friendly space in the midst of the festival, with games, facepainting, play structures, a bubble party, and more. Check out the Our Family Coalition website for more info.

(We are still waiting for confirmation that there will be unicorns too.)

My instructions were to include a recognizably San Francisco and urban space with lots of kids, including kids playing double-dutch jump rope with unicorns. Hence San Francisco city hall, the downtown buildings, and the unicorns.

My first version of the back featured even more unicorns plus the Golden Gate Bridge and some narwhals. There are no narwhals in the Bay, but they are the unicorns of the sea so I felt that they would come join their horned brethren for the Pride celebrations. We ended up getting 5"x7" postcards, so the text on the back was too small to read.

I made this revised version below that was more text-based but still featured a zebra-unicorn, now back in sketch form.

Drawn with the Wacom Bamboo tablet I have at work in Adobe Photoshop.

I used the unicorn imagery for other promo at work too, like signage at the Garden, buttons, supplementary flyers, and Instagram posts. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Deep Sea Animal - Jelly

If this piece looks different from my other style, it's because I painted it in inverse color, then inverted it on the computer. So in my original watercolor, the background was white, and the jelly was lots of chilly blues and bright fuchsias. I really like this as a way to capture light-on-dark without sacrificing the quality and texture of the watercolor. Be on the lookout for more deep sea critters!  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Society6 - New Shop! Greeting Cards, Leggings, Shirts, Pillows, Decor, Apparel, and More!

You may have noticed that I've closed my Etsy shop! In it's place I present... my Society6 Shop

Society6 is better for me in countless ways, including their politics. Etsy has been suspending true crafters and handmade artists while allowing mass-production to overtake the site, and that's just to begin with. 

It's also great how it offers all the different products to put my artwork on! With Etsy I was limited to what I could produce and ship from my tiny apartment. But now in addition to cards and prints, I have leggings, mugs, wall clocks, tote bags, tee shirts, and more! 

Is one of your favorite pieces not on my shop yet? Do you have a commission for a pattern or animal that you NEED on leggings or a clock or a tee? Email me or leave a comment!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Drowning Fish Watercolor

After a very long break from this blog, I'm going to be updating regularly once more. The hiatus is in part due to big projects I'll be sharing here shortly, and in part due to ongoing (but treatable and improving) health problems. 

It turns out I've had sleep apnea for years and it was just getting worse all the time. I finally got a good diagnosis and some surgery and now I have so much more energy! It turned out I was getting about 50% as much deep sleep for the amount of time I was "asleep" in bed as a normal person - so even when I slept 10 hours, it was like I slept 5. (It certainly felt like that.) More than 20 times an hour I would wake up gasping (for fewer than a few seconds at a time) because I had stopped breathing. I had recurring dreams of drowning, which have pretty much stopped since my surgery. 

So this fish is a self-portrait of sorts. 

Original is 9"x12", watercolor on paper.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quinoa Recipe Layout

Here's another layout for an ongoing personal project. This one includes my favorite way to prepare quinoa and a recipe for quinoa tabouli salad, one of my favorite summer meals. The photo is my own, as is the watercolor wash in the background of the text.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Naomi Bardoff Logo and Branding

A few months ago I started updating my branding piecemeal, and now it's pretty much complete! Here's my logo, tagline, business cards, and color scheme. My name is drawn in Illustrator while the tagline is in Footlight. Illustrations on business cards include White Horse, Owl, and an excerpt for an illustration for Louise the Spider.

Check out my redesigned and updated website to match!
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